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It was the work of Carl Jung and Jungian astrologer, Liz Greene that shaped my perspective with the idea that everything in the Universe is connected and that there exists a ‘collective unconscious’ operating within humankind demonstrating that an astrological chart can be viewed metaphorically as a symbolic map, a space whereby one can experience a dialogue between the inner landscape and the cosmos.

Jung’s work also proposes a theory of synchronicity whereby events do not necessarily have to have a causal relationship to decipher meaning but can be viewed as metaphorical coincidences.  So, planets and their cycles are not causing events in your life but are somehow concurrent with them.  As an ‘art’ form astrology does not have to be literally predictive but can be symbolically predictive. Its use of symbols and archetypes is a creative, interpretive process for making sense of the world and one that is continuously unfolding a sense of meaning. Many people find it helpful to discover and understand the patterns are operating in their natal chart when they are going through challenges in life.

Although Jung proposed twelve main psychological archetypes operating within the human psyche, these were developed from astrology.  Archetypes can be traced back to classical philosophy and Plato regarded them as universal principles – non-physical ‘forms’ that contain the essence of a singular thing that can have plural representations of itself.  These ‘forms’ exist as unchanging essences outside of space and time and hence have transcendent, mythical qualities.  Archetypes can be both psychological and cosmic: objective, primordial forms of a Universal Mind that transcend the human psyche.  The many ways that an archetype could express itself within an individual life is unlimited and so meaning does not have to be confined with a limited container or fixed-time period.

Esoteric wisdom has long suggested the interconnected of all things and the existence of subtle energies and planes of existence and it is certainly interesting how advances in science, in the field of Quantum physics, is now also offering glimpses of a unified cosmos, in which subtle, non-causal connections exist.