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Hypnotherapy & Coaching drawing on Astrological Archetypes, Symbols & Mythology

‘The Soul moves among symbols and unfolds in symbols’ W.B. Yeats

Soulscape Therapy & Coaching with Adele Richmond

Welcome to Soulscape Therapy & Coaching.  I offer a unique blend of therapy and coaching that not only uses the latest therapeutic techniques but also draws on the ancient art and science of astrology.

Astrology offers a symbolic map to explore and understand the world and our inner motivations through a lens richly woven with archetypes, symbols and myth. Astrology invokes a dialogue with soul by exploring the inner landscape of feelings, symbol and imagination.  It helps us access the interconnectedness of life, the Cosmos and our purpose within it.

Through engaging with archetypes and symbols in the therapeutic process we can discover our authentic inner motivations, our sense of purpose as well as uncover, process and heal unconscious material.

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‘Our psyche is set up in accord with the structure of the universe and happens in the macrocosm likewise happens in the infinitesimal and most subjective reaches of the psyche.’

CJ Jung.

If you are reading this perhaps your life has become challenging at this present time and you need some support. During life’s difficult periods such as relationship breakdown, divorce, work stress and burn-out people can often experience a loss of meaning in their lives.  During these times you might experience anxiety or confidence issues and a sense of the road ahead feeling blocked.

Using a powerful combination of cognitive hypnotherapy and coaching alongside astrological symbols and archetypes, I can help you find your way through internal conflict to experience inner calm and a deeper connection with your more authentic sense of self and purpose.  I also provide the tools and techniques that enable people to maintain their own equilibrium as they move forward with confidence and joy.*

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